About Us

As a specialist with more than 40 years of experience and profound know-how Filmpromotion offers versatile marketing activities and targeted advertising possibilities for companies from the film industry. Individually and in exactly the ambience you want, locally, regionally or nationally.

PROPAGANDA Ltd is the largest cultural advertising and Ambient Media agency in Switzerland, and has specialized for more than 20 years on the advertising of films, cinemas and film festivals. For important film festivals we are the official advertising partners. Our highly efficient power of suitable poster sites and flyer dispensers extends over the whole of Switzerland.


Below the line – BTL instead of wasting money
Special advertising media – stand out from the rest
Ambient media – advertising within the cultural scene
Guerilla marketing – fresh and surprising
Distribution – wherever and whenever you like
Promotion – direct contact to your customers
Distribution – wherever and whenever you like
Sampling – targeted and without loss
Billposting – indoors or outdoors
Gastro Ad – advertising in bars, restaurants and clubs
Ethno Marketing – your ad in up to 30 languages
Campus Ad – advertising in universities and schools
Printing – fast, reliable and economic